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Wineworks Wines in Space!

Tin Lizzie Wineworks Wines Usher In a New Era in Astrophysics! When the James Webb Space Telescope blasted off from Kourou, New Guinea on Christmas Day 2021, Tin Lizzie Wineworks wines were there. When the Webb Telescope successfully completed its amazingly complex deployment, Tin Lizzie Wineworks wines were there! When the first light beams from […]

Tin Lizzie Wineworks Winemakers Rake in the Awards and Now You Can Too!

Congratulations to Les Dupuy and Amy Shurtleff for racking up some amazing wins in several 2021 winemaking competitions! You all know Les and Amy as our two most knowledgeable and indispensable assistants at the Wineworks. Last year they entered the wines they made at the Wineworks into several local and national winemaking competitions and raked […]