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Want to earn more about wine and wine tasting?  Here’s your chance to delve deeper into the world of wine tasting in a relaxed and laid back way.  We’re offering three different classes in 2023:

  • Introduction to Wine Tasting
  • Advanced Wine Tasting
  • Wine Blending


Introduction to Wine Tasting: January 14, 2023, 1-3 pm

In this class we’ll introduce you to the basic components of wine and wine tasting techniques.  We’ll teach you how to evaluate a wine’s appearance, aroma and flavor, and describe and identify a wine’s color, body, residual sugar, acid and tannins. We’ll also help you identify some of the common wine faults.  We finish off the class with a blind tasting where you’ll get apply what you’ve learned.  Even if you’ve been a wine drinker all your life and know a thing or two about wine, this class will help you identify the basic structure of wine and provide you with a standard vocabulary for describing it.

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Advanced Wine Tasting Class:  February 11, 2023, 1-3 pm

Have you always wanted to be one of those folks who can say, “I’m picking up a hint of cassis in the Cab” and really mean it?  This class will start you on the path to being able to say stuff like that with confidence…and actually know what you’re talking about! In the Advanced Wine Tasting class we’ll dive deeper into the aromas and tastes associated with different types of wines.  Building on what you learned in our Intro class (although not a pre-requisite) you’ll learn how to identify different levels of acids, sugars and tannins in wine and how they work harmoniously together (or not).

You’ll then learn how to identify the most common aromas of both red and white wines using a sensory panel of “spiked” wines.  Finally, you’ll apply all of this knowledge to tasting and identifying blinded wines.

Of all the wine classes I’ve taken, I’ve always found the sensory classes the most fun and useful.  Not only will you be training your nose to identify the different wine aromas, but we’ll be fine turning ours noses too with the same sensory panels of wines.

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The Art of Wine Blending Class: March 18, 2023, 1-3 pm 

Create your own signature blend in this class and then make it with us this fall!  In this fun class, you’ll learn about the art of blending wine and why we do it.  We’ll review some of the famous blends from around the world.  Then you get to taste and choose several of your favorite single varietal wines for blending.  Once you’ve picked your favorites, we’ll then walk you through a typical blending procedures.  Once you’ve got that down, we’ll turn you loose to create your own signature blends!

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