“The Zinfandel and the Chardonnay are big hits. The Logigian women have all independently said “I don’t usually like Chardonnay but Dave’s is very good”. Lois teaches with a lot of people from France and the French area of Belgium. They are very impressed.”

John Logigian
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The Winemaking Process

From Grapes to Glass in Four Exciting Sessions!

At Tin Lizzie Wineworks you’ll be making wine just like professional winemakers. We supply everything you need, from grapes to glass, to make your own premium wines. You will be making great wine in just four fun-filled winemaking sessions.

Session 1 – Crush and Ferment: September to October (about 1 hour)

When the fresh wine grapes arrive in the fall after harvest, you’ll learn to de-stem and crush the grapes using our motorized de-stemmer/crusher. This machine separates the grapes (berries) from the stems, gently crushing them and pumps the “must” (crushed berries) into a fermentation tank. You’ll learn about testing and adjusting the must. Then you’ll select a specialized wine yeast from our collection to begin fermentation, the process of transforming grapes into wine.

Session 2 – Press and Barrel: One week after Session 1 (about 1 hour)

About 7 days later you’ll return when fermentation is almost complete. You’ll use a wine press to seperate the new wine from the grape skins, and then transfer the wine to oak barrels. The barrels will then be transferred into a climate-controlled barrel room for aging.

Session 3 – Tasting the New Wines: February or March (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon)

Around four months later, you’ll return get your first taste of your new wine.We’ll have one tasting on Friday night for the adults and another on Saturday for the whole family.Enjoy your new wine and share it with others.Bring friends and show off what you’ve created!

Session 4 – Bottle and Label: August (about 1 hour)

It’s finally time!After about a year you’ll return to bottle, cork and capsule your new wine and affix your custom labels.Your hand-crafted wine is now ready to bring home and enjoy with your family and friends.Just remember, many wines improve with aging in the bottle…if you can resist drinking it!