“I gave a bottle to a friend who is a HUGE wine snob (he’s been working as a high end waiter for years and is generally more outspoken than anyone I’ve ever met about things he hates) and he sent me the following message:

“That wine your friend made was delicious. Had a bedroom dance party last night. It’s gone but wish it wasn’t. Thanks!!”

Kim Stanbro

“Each time I open a bottle of wine, I have a new appreciation of what it took to produce that bottle of wine! Although I’ve visited and toured numerous wineries in the U.S. and throughout the world, it’s a totally different experience when you have hands-on experience in wine-making from grapes to bottle.”

Mary Hergert

Tin Lizzie Wins!
We were at a blind tasting event tonight with our 2013 Syrah and 2014 Zin. Both finished ahead of a $120 Pinot. The Zin was the top finisher of 13 wines!!

Eric Smith

“I have to tell you that I had no idea what I was getting into when Rob asked us to join his first wine group but I’m glad I just said yes! Now going into our 4th wine we just can’t stop!

We have met wonderful new people, enjoyed every event, every step and every bottle 🙂 Every time we sign up for the next I say this is it for awhile and yet when asked….without hesitation we belt out “We’re IN”! I can honestly say we have never had a bad day or a bad wine at Tin Lizzie Wineworks!”

Jessica Guevara-Knopp

2012 Stagecoach Cab: Tried this a few weeks back and again tonight. Run, I say run, to your cellar and open a bottle. It is ready for prime time. Decanted for 30 minutes. Really balanced and smooth. Cheers!

John O'Loughlin

The Zinfandel and the Chardonnay are big hits. The Logigian women have all independently said “I don’t usually like Chardonnay but Dave’s is very good”. Lois teaches with a lot of people from France and the French area of Belgium. They are very impressed.

John Logigian

Dave is probably the nicest guy I’ve met in the wine world, sharing his knowledge and bringing winemaking to us regular folk. I will certainly be back!

John Collins

Tin Lizzie Wins Again! In this year’s (2017) wine tasting the Leviathan blend beat 23 other contestants (including our 2013 Syrah)!

Eric Smith