Wineworks Wines in Space!

Tin Lizzie Wineworks Wines Usher In a New Era in Astrophysics!

When the James Webb Space Telescope blasted off from Kourou, New Guinea on Christmas Day 2021, Tin Lizzie Wineworks wines were there. When the Webb Telescope successfully completed its amazingly complex deployment, Tin Lizzie Wineworks wines were there! When the first light beams from the ends of the universe hit the telescope’s sensors, Tin Lizzie Wineworks wines were there too!

Wait, what? How can that be? Well, way back in 2017 the Webb Program Scientist Eric Smith approached us about making a wine to commemorate the launch of the JWST. Heck yeah, was our reply. We’ve had experience with commemorative wines including wedding wines, anniversary wines and even one for the commissioning of the USS Zumwalt, the country’s first stealth destroyer. But making wine to celebrate the most amazing space project since the Apollo Moon landing missions?  Count us in!

In 2017 the Webb team made several Bordeaux-style blends and a Sauvignon Blanc. Because the launch was delayed a bit, in 2018 they made a Southern Hemisphere Bordeaux-style blend using all six Bordeuax grape varietals: Cab Sauv, Merlot, Cab Franc, Malbec, Petite Verdot and Carménère. After a little more schedule slippage, in 2019, the team crafted another Bordeaux-style blend. And finally, with the launch date in sight, in 2020 the Webb team came together again to make our Leviathan blend and a Zindandel.

Over the years, the Wineworks hosted numerous members of the JWST team and even a film crew for a documentary about the team and the telescope. I’d like to congratulation them on the spectacular job they’ve done on the Webb Telescope and wish them amazing discoveries in the future!

From left to right:  Matt Moutain, Webb Telescope Scientist, Begoña Vila, Fine Guidance Sensor System Engineer, Eric Smith, Webb Program Scientist, Bill Ochs, Webb Project Manager pressing their Bordeaux-style blend





Take a look at some of the truly unique and astronomically-inspired labels the Webb team created:

So yes, we were there!

When the Webb telescope finally lifted off the Earth atop an Ariane 5 rocket, yes, our wines were there at the launch site in Kourou, New Guinea!

And when, after 14 days of nail biting suspense, the Webb telescope was finally fully deployed, yes our wines were there at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore to help celebrate!

And finally, when the first beams of light, or photons, from the very edge of the universe hit the telescope’s instruments, what the scientists call “first light,” our wines were there!


Grazie mille to Eric Smith for coordinating the Webb Telescope commemorative wines and for allowing us to participate in our small way in this historic event.

If you have a special event you’d like to commemorate with your own unique, hand-crafted wine, we can help you with that.

Ad astra and alla salute!

Dave Z