No, it’s not Thinn Lizzy, that great old Irish rock band (The Boys are Back in Town, Whiskey in a Jar) that many of our….eh…more mature winemakers think it is. The band too took their name from the nickname for the first production automobile, the Model T Ford.  Well, here’s one explantion of how the Modell T got it’s name:

Why did we pick it?  There used to be a Model T ford in our part of the garage before we moved in.  And, in a fit of male logic, it seemed like a good idea at the time to name a winemaking facility after a classic car.  And now we have our own Tin Lizzie, which is up and running again and available for photoshoots!

Check it out at our next event!

And yes, some of the ladies in this photo are dressed like Lucy and Ethel!