Any of you who know me, knows my brain is pretty much mashed potatoes.  My memory is not the greatest.  If you’ve run into me in a store, you know my first question is, “What’s you name again?” followed by, “What group were you in?”  So it’s not unexpected that I’ve pretty much forgotten all the wine labels we’ve done together over the past six years.  While preparing the 2013 labels for the website. I started scanning through old labels.  You know, we’ve got some very cool labels!  So I thought I’d start posting some of them on the website.

The first set of labels I’m posting is from the Girls Who Swirl.  The Girls Who Swirl are, according to their website, an “informal group of professional women who like wine and who like to meet other interesting women.”  And GWS was our very first customer!  They recognized how much fun it was going to be to make and drink wine and they were the first to sign on the dotted line.  And they’ve made wine with us ever since…and in increasing amounts!  They are some of the most exuberant winemakers at Tin Lizzie and seem to totally enjoy every session.  We all smile when GWS is in the garage!

Check out their collection of really nicely done wine labels!